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Alright so, i know a guy that works at a welding shop. he ordered me some "1084" flat bar, the reason i put 1084 in quotations is because i dont know if it is.... i cut out 2 knives and before i annealed them i decided i was gonna test the steel. I got a scrap peice from cutting the tip into the blade. I heated it up to a bright red/ dull orange quenched in pre heated (about bath water hot) vegstable oil and it did not harden. I quenched again a little hotter this time same, cut off a new peice quenched it a little cooler, let it cool down, checked it, soft. So at this point im frustrated, so i heated it up to a bright red (just like the first time) quenched it in water and it still bent and wouldnt skate a file!! There were less sparks from that then some 1095 farriers rasps, but the Sparks were bursting like high carbon though... i cant think of anything else to do... thanks for your help in advance! :)

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