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greetings from the smallest state with the longest name


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hi all. ive been smithing for over 15 years. im around 30. i started as a teen because of traditional archery.  at the time being left handed forced me to shoot long bows off the hand and store bought arrows were weak and didn't hold up. so out of necessity i started making my own arrows.  and from arrows to knives and tools. and now  i often make camp equipment and small items for reenactors, repair their stuff, sharpen blades, and other various small works.

i bought a house in a somewhat close residential area. i turned my detached garage into a blacksmith shop.  for the first time in my life, getting married last year, and being a home owner, i have my very own indoor shop, that i can do whatever i want. rain or shine. my long term goal is to get the shop running on solar. the forge and other tools in the shop can run on and off grid. my forge has a dual valve system that runs either by electric fan, or i can use a hand crank blower. i built the doors minus the hardware from scratch.

the only downside is the shop is right on the edge of my property about 15 feet near my neighbors home. and for those who have had good luck with yours, everyone loves me in this area except him and his psychotic sister/gf/wife whatever she is.  they are irrational 99% of the time. and they hated me long long before i started pounding iron in the yard.  but ill address that more with an anvil question.

these pics are somewhat old as im always optimizing and changing things around, but these are the most recent pics. the minecraft stuff started as a joke and i got bored with the decor so i removed it. 

as far as my arrows go. ive always spined and fletched by eye.  ive been doing it so long ive made the arrows within 1/10 an oz of eachother.

this is the first forum ive signed up for in 10 years. normally i haunt them but dont sign up since back then they were so volitile and full of strong opinions flame wars and spats made me want to just leave them altogether. but this seems like a nice place to ask questions. i always try to remain humble and keep an open mind when working at least in this hobby. i would never consider myself an expert, because im always learning something new. 

my facebook page is redfox armory blacksmith shop.  













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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Nice shop. How much time do you have into the bodkin?

Bummer about the neighbor, I've had psycho neighbors and it's no fun. Fortunately for us the last one wasn't bright enough to be a real hazard, just really annoying. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Note I'd take the sign off the door; looks great but with the hassle you are having you probably don't want the "running a business in a residential neighborhood"  clinker available.  Now an intense hobby is something else....(Unless you are zoned for such things...)

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