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Forge wall thickness


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Hello all. I have been browsing and trying to find just a general answer for the question, “How thick should the ceramic blanket be?”

i have been looking around I’ve seen for sale anything from 1/2” to 2” blankets. I am repurposing an old #40 propane tank into a forge. I will be cutting a small rear access and a door up front with a shelf to rest fire bricks.

What thickness should I be using and would this be a two burner project in your opinion?

thank you for your time!!

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Well the number of burners depends a lot on how large they are/what type they are; which you don't mention.

How thick should the insulation be in the attic of your house?  It's a question without a single answer and depends a lot on various parameters specific to the case.

I like 2 x 1" layers as you can replace the "wear layer" cheaper/more often; but if it will be dedicated to billet welding then a thicker layer covered with a thick flux resistant coating would make it much more efficient to run.

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20 gallon tanks are about the biggest that are advisable. Two-inch wall thicknesses are usual, but I would go with three inches in such a large forge. Don't use more than one-inch thick layers at a time or you will find them nearly impossible to keep anywhere near uniform/manageable. Rigidize and fire each layer before laying the next one, to fit collective errors from building up.

You will need two 1" burners eqaually spaced at one-third distances on the shell. 

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Check out the Build a Gas Forge attachment on the Forge Supplies page of my web-site.  You can find the url and other contact info on my Profile.  This attachment calls for 1" of ceramic blanket and 1/2" of Kast-0-Lite over coated with Metrikote or Plistix infrared reflective product.

I have not built a forge with 2" of ceramic blanket, however, with my forge after forging all day I can still touch the outside.

Let me know if I can help you.  I prefer contact by e-mail.


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Thank you everyone!! I am going to make some adjustments according to your suggestions and knowledge. I will let you know how it goes. I will be cutting down my 40 lb tank to something smaller. Thank you for your help once again.

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