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I Forge Iron

Farrier and Horse Shoe German educational film

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It’s interesting to see the regional and historic differences presented here. Note the use of the horn, the show is not primarily shaped on it. And for this not in the know you see a toe clip forged and on the shoe pulled you see quarter clips. As to the bar on the shoe, I am uncertain if that is the same horse we see shod, if it is I would think the horse had suffered injory.

the sole knife predates the hoof nipper, and that is clearly what you see being used to trim the hoof, and the burn in is used because the hoof is not rasped true for a matched fit. 

We do not typicaly place nailes Todd the heal behind the widest part of the hoof as we know that leads to contracted heals (defined buy the US Cavalry as the heal being narrower than the toe nail holes). 

Now as to the use of the hoof knife to trim the frog, many of us do not aggressively trim the frog, as frog contact with the ground is important for hoof health (this is a mater of contention) 

lastly we see a traditinal clench, the “clencher” again being  relitivly new.

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