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Looking for hammers

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is this the devon blacker hammers owners club forum :)

I sell small used hammers occasionally but the supply of half decent used bargains has pretty well dried up in recent years. When I get them it will cost quite a bit more than a private sale, but you know it will be right!! (none in stock at the moment)

The chinese ones I sell are decent for the money.

Ebay ones tend not to be so cheap now, as the sales are usually well publicised over the blacksmith / bladesmith forums etc.

Keep an eye on the BABA monthly newsletter, some good ones crop up there every now and then.

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Not everyone can afford a new one, and I certainly don't deal in them,

It may be altruistic in this day and age, but many of us believe in helping struggling potential smiths by either giving tools or selling them at reasonable prices not the inflated auction site prices.

The Blacksmiths Guild based in Devon, but with members throughout the UK and abroad, collect tools from various sources and then give people the opportunity to buy them at reasonable prices. There will be a tool sale later this year.

Ther are also a number of old Blacksmithing books that will be coming up for sale, but as these have to be sold as part of an estate probate, then they will be going to public auction. However a viewing day will be held so interested parties can see what will be going to auction where they will be able to photo any interesting bits. Many of the books are late 19th, early 20th Century books, ex Victoria and Albert Museum Library, British, French and German.

Look on the Blacksmiths Guild Forum page on the site for further details nearer the time.

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John B. Im free with advice and help on hammers, but have to make a living. I sell them for more than I buy them for, simple as. (so the price is inflated) For the extra money you pay when you buy from a dealer you get recourse.

Its nice to help folk out but its not always possible when you have a mortgage to pay, and employees families relying on you making their wages every week!

Have you got a link for the guild?

Devon blacksmith, PM sent.

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I appreciate that we have to make a living, and mortgages, utilities employees, taxman all have a call on any earnings before we get a share, but so long as i survive, I am happy, shrouds don't have pockets, and I can't take it with me, so I'll let my bank manager worry about what to do about the overdraft when I'm gone, (That way I know someone will miss me when I'm gone)

you can find details of the Guild on Blacksmiths Guild Home, and look on the blacksmiths group forum on this site to see what may be of interest.

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