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Outdoor forge area close to the UK coast?

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Hi all,

Hoping to get a little advice on setting up a backyard forge area - nothing professional at all...  I live about four miles (as crow flies) from the coast in the south of England, so get a bit of salt air, fog, rain - you know, typical British weather.  I was going to set up a small work area inside my garage with a coal forge, putting in a chimney through the metal roof.  However, I've recently pulled down a shed which had a nice flat concrete base and thought about putting the forging area outside on that base.  I'll probably put up a free-standing shelter over the top of it at some point, open-air so no sides, but given where I live is it even a good idea to have an outdoor forge area, with or without a shelter?  (My wife was going to have it as an outdoor kitchen in that area but is willing to give it up for forging if it's viable!)



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Most of our tools are steel, and salt air and steel don’t mix well. Points with the missus with the outside kitchen (and they wander why we gain weight...) 

many smiths recommend keeping your equipment mobile so not only facilitate shop cleaning but also rearranging the work space for different projects. So tempuaraly storing your equipment in the garage with spot light and pulling it out to play is an option as would be setting up the forge in the garage and being able to park the tools in such a way as to get the wife’s car in there (note always remove said car before working, grinder sparks will not make for a happy wife). As you don’t need a cement flore a shed off the garage or a fire standing outbuilding is feasible ( I understand that with a few centuries of building experience that y’all are more open to “natural building techniques such as gravel foundations, straw bale, cob, wattle and dob etc.)

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Keep everything wiped down with oil, an oily rag in a fire safe place is an option but NOT linseed oil, boiled or not. LPS 3 is a highly effective rust inhibitor and preservative,  spray. The solvent makes it a strong penetrator and when it evaporates off leaves a tough wax film. It's expensive but effective.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Somewhere or something to add shade so you can both see the color of the metal better and also to let you find some shade away from the heat of the sun. Forging in the sun can be brutal.. 

If you have welding skills.. Adding wheels to the anvil stand, the forge and the vise can make it super handy to store inside and move back out for use.. .. 

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