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Anvil identification?


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I couldn’t find any markings on the sample other than the numbers 871 Which may be just a production number or possibly there is a one before it which indicates the date. I’d like to see with this is worth like to sell it soon. I’m in the Pittsburgh PA area any feedback would be great






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What does the bottom look like?  You would get a better price if it was wire brushed.  Also look for numbers on the front of the feet under the horn.

I see some stampings on the 5th picture down, wirebrush and look.

Also do the ring test and the ball bearing test as even a great looking anvil could have lost it's hardness in a fire---even one 100 years ago.

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Looks like a Hay Budden and I think I see an "EN" of the name in the last photo. 

Wire wheel would reveal more. And also ball bearing test and checking the ring. Have you weighed it yet?

I'm just south of Pittsburgh. I seem to see a lot of Hay Budden anvils around the area. 

Depending on the ring and rebound and a little better picture of the face condition after wire wheel and finding out a weight, usually one in good condition could sell from $2-4 lb. lately. More if you want to be " that guy" and sit on it forever.  I think $2-3 lb is a fair price. Personally $2.lb Is my max but even $3.lb Would probably sell fairly quick around here for one in good shape. 

Just my opinion. 

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Not sure. If you could get the front of the foot cleaned up and get the serial # off of it or a good photo, someone may be able to tell you the year it was made but the main thing to consider is if the ring and rebound are good. 

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