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only half serious thomas :), im all self taught with photography and most of the techniques I use iv invented myself, How did I learn, trial and error, doing the same thing over and over hundereds of times till you find what works, its the only way to learn if you dont have other resources to guide you.

Its hard to explain a method to someone when you work from intuition and not out of a book, and even so, Id rather you focus on the work and not how I did it!
People get to wrapped up in b s techniques and tools and prosess when they should be focusing on the work.

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I need to have you taking pictures of my work....looks better than my photos and besides it would improve the looks of my stuff too! :) I do agree with you on some folks getting all tied up on HOW to do something when they really should be DOING it! I will do that at times but once I get out there and start working on that "difficult" task I will figure it out. Then I'm aggrivated with myself for spending so much time 'getting information'.

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