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Troubleshooting Anvil Stand

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Hi Guys

I got my anvil about a week ago and got the cut offs for free from a local tree surgeon and was wondering what was the best way of stacking the wood and attaching them together to be my anvil stand. Ive got a couple ways in my mind but any help would be great.



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Yeah the moisture is an issue so I'm currently allowing them to dry out in the greenhouse and that was one of the plans but a friend of mine came up with the idea of drilling up through the base one about 3/4 of the way in and then getting 6'' screws in to the base of the top one which gets the screws out of site. obvious issue though is if it splits the wood

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Well, you can certainly do the lag screw option and get something done.  


That, however, is the last thing I would do because it reflects so poorly on you as a maker of things.  I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with quality as that quality will rub off on you.  If you simply cobble something together.... you'll always be cobbling.


Now is the time for you to shine.  Use this opportunity to do something that stretches your creative wings, and makes you really strive to impress yourself.  Even if nobody else sees it, you will.  You want to be a blacksmith?  Well, why are you shortchanging yourself when there's iron to forge.  You've got the anvil and it's plenty stout enough to do some work even just sitting on the ground.  Might as well use it to forge yourself some nice brackets that will join the two stumps together in a way that's inspiring.

Sure, you might not have amazing skills yet, but what you install now doesn't have to be permanent -- just better than some garish lag screws that show neither creativity nor inspiration.



Can you do something similar?  Well, by golly, you can certainly try!  First impressions are lasting impressions, after all.  While you're waiting for the stumps to dry out a little more (probably take a year) get some pencil and paper and start drawing ideas.  This is the reason why you wanted to get into blacksmithing in the first place.  Make a valiant effort.  Get your mind in the game, stretch your creative wings and do something your ancestors would be proud of.  If the vikings could make wonderful swords and armor with hardly any kit at all, surely you can do something moderately fetching with some cheap iron bars from the hardware store.

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