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park bench

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slats are made from deck boards i ripped in half and routed edges of, wanted to use a hard wood but did't have the cash for them at the time. all work was done HOT, and by hand on the anvil, with the exception of some jigs i made to duplicate some of the scroll's



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Nicely Done.

A comfortable chair or seat is harder to make than it looks.

Nice blades too.

I'm beginning to think you've done this before. ;)


Thanks alot, but I dont know what you mean buy done this before???:rolleyes: Im still trying to figure out why when the metal turns orange it suddenly becomes so heavy???? I cant hold onto it for more than a fraction of a second, and i gotta put it down:p:rolleyes:
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thanks alot guys, it was a christmas present for my wife, i was laid off so cash was not as abundent as free time, so i made this for her, and it took me about a month to finish, but only a couple days a week. i wish i knew how many hrs i had in it, im not sure , but i know it was alot.

apprentice man---aka sam, i dont know how they would feel about that on a knife forum

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