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back from hard battle

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17 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Lovely Display piece; all the stress risers could give trouble in use.  As a SF fan my first thought was "Do Not Take Hawk Into An Energy Weapon Fight!"

Well done.

thanks !! 

stress riser ? ?? i'm french and even if my american is correcte i've got a lack of vocabulary ...


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Here is a discussion that may help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress_concentration

It's used in bladesmithing where certain aspects of design can decrease the strength of a blade greatly.  A common example is making the transition from the blade to a smaller tang have sharp internal  corners  "L" instead of "J" (given the limits of ascii art) where the sharp 90 degree can act as a stress concentrator.

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i forged it in "agricultural spring" less carbon than car spring and went thru all the tempering process , i'll give it a bit of a hard time to see .but as you say it's more of a display hawk than a proper working tool ..

13 minutes ago, MotoMike said:

JV would you mind showing me the whole chain hold down that you show in one of your pics?



i hold it tight by putting my foot on it on the floor , it's a good system because it hold all the shape ..



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