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buy or not ? anvil

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It's unlikely that you will need to repair that crack, takes a heap of pounding on a 200 pound anvil to get something like that to cause trouble.

If it's made from wrought iron in the body oxy-acetylene welding may be a problem. If it's a cast steel anvil then with some preheat and slow cool there should be no problem.

I would preheat and arc weld it myself.

I would be happy to pay US$400 for that anvil. I don't know what the "going rate" is in Italy though; is Bruno around? (Italian smith on some of the boards)

Note for the less traveled: europe uses the comma where we would use the period

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hello !

I had buy an anvil of 242 lb, for 360 usd, 230 euro

I have not taken that one of the photos, but I have taken an other never used, with a small defect on a side. it is perfectly in plan. it has a wonderful sound, I will make of the photos to see you. there is an optimal transaction!

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