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Trenton anvil info needed


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Just bought this Trenton anvil I think the numbers read 145. I’m assuming that’s the weight? But the other markings has a number reading A174081 

would appreciate it if anyone can tell me when and or where it was made and perhaps a little history of the anvil by knowledge of the markings and strikes. 


It appears that someone attempted to restore it but it still appears as if it was abused. 

Would appreciate any help. Thanks! 














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7 minutes ago, Frozenforge said:

Made in Columbus Ohio 1919. I dont see any areas where repairs were done. It has some chipped edges but is very usable as is!

Thank you very much Frozen. 

I appreciate your time! 


Yes! The horn is in terrible shape! I plan on repairing it soon. 

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WHY?  If you need a sharper point make a hardy tool with one!  Blunt nosed anvils sure feel a lot better when you are moving fast with hot iron and accidentally run into them (and may be a reason many show evidence of being hammered on...)

A whole lot easier to make an anvil worse trying to "repair" it than to improve it!

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