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Survey : Budden > Wright > Norris

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Funny I own pretty much 2 of each of those. The 500#+ Fisher is my heavy work shop  anvil.   The HB's see a bunch of work with the PW's a bit less. (Part of that is one of the HBs is 134# and so is the largest travel anvil I take to teach and the 112# PW goes for classes too. The two 165# HB & PW are used for in the shop teaching.)

If I didn't have an anvil and had to buy one for ornamental work I'd go HB, PW, Fisher (due to shape).

If I didn't have an anvil and had to buy one for tool making or bladesmithing it would be Fisher, HB, PW

If the PW outweighed the HB by 100 pounds then I'd probably go with the HB.

I also have a Powell, an Arm and Hammer, a large Trenton (and as of Saturday a small Vulcan---for a short time), a bridge anvil; the remains of several abused anvils and a couple of stake anvils I've made using sledgehammer heads from the old mines out here and a RR spike driving sledge as well. I also have a historical styled stake anvil---sort of a cube with a spike on the bottom

Anvils are like cars; it's not just the make---it needs to be a model that does what you need it to do!

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LOL! The Fisher, wire brush and head&shoulders, everything will be fine ! :)

For the HB, I didn't see it «live» but I don't think there is some repair on it... anyway, my friend will use it for his students,... better beat that one than his good one.

The price was very good for both.... 


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