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I am also in the process of building a press and thought I would share the build. I got all the steel and ready to start cutting.

8ft tall and 16" wide with an 8" wide opening in the front and 4" wide opening on the sides. The die plates are 16" long and lock into place with a stud that fits in a hole in the die plate backer and the support tube. All tubes besides the 4 uprights (1/4" wall) are 1/2" wall. The clevis on the ram and cylinder fit inside the tubing and the pin goes through the side wall of the tubing. Do any of you notice any problems with this design?










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I'm not really clear on your lower die support--what are you relying on to hold it in place?  All I can say is I'd rather see things set up to be in compression in that area and it appears that you will have some members/welds on that lower die table in a position of shear forces instead.  Not a terrible issue  but if there is a choice, compressive forces are the way to lean.

Also...it will pay to not have your hydraulic piping as an afterthought.  Plan well for that now.  For example, I didn't consider much about where the hoses in mine would run except in a general sense--and because they "jerk" at the far ends of the stroke (due to the sudden pressure jumps), they were actually abrading against part of the steel structure and I had to make modifications down the road to hold them better.

Since there is hot stuff in the vicinity, it would probably be wise to also plan on guarding well any hoses from the oddball accident possibility.  Stuff happens.  You don't want it happening at 3500 PSI.

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Well I have been making progress on the press and figured I would give you guys an update. 

First I cut all the steel to length.

Photo Jan 01, 12 08 17 AM.jp


I then cut out the openings in the top cross support and upper die tube to except the ram. And then drilled the holes for the pin.

Photo Jan 07, 11 02 52 PM.jp


I used the plasma cutter to cut the die backers from 3/4” plate

Photo Jan 10, 3 32 01 PM.jpg


I welded cross supports inside the tubes, every tube has a cross support on each side and the upper die tube has 2 on each side.

Photo Jan 15, 12 18 51 AM.jp


I then drilled the holes for the die retaining pins and welded the die backers to the upper and lower die tubes. Took almost 10lbs of 7018 rod after the 6011 root pass to fill the radius of the large tubes.

Photo Jan 16, 4 22 01 PM.jpg


I then drilled the holes in the upper die tube for the side guides.

Photo Jan 16, 11 46 27 PM.jp


I forgot to take pictures of making the side guides but here thy are on the upper die.

Photo Jan 17, 1 22 06 AM.jpg


I then welded the base togather. You will notice I changed it a bit from the model.

Photo Jan 21, 9 26 13 PM.jpg


I then flipped the base over and started planing out the pump mount and drilled the holes for the motor and casters. Yes the motor is going under the press base.

Photo Jan 22, 10 56 21 PM.jp


I then cut out the large hole for the boss on the pump with the plasma cutter.Photo Jan 23, 1 13 26 PM.jpg


I drilled and tapped the pump mounting holes

Photo Jan 23, 1 59 05 PM.jpg


Pump fit like a glove. And I added a lock washer and a jamb nut.

Photo Jan 23, 5 00 23 PM.jpg


I made riser blocks for the motor and squared it up and then tacked the pump mount in place.

Photo Jan 23, 8 42 51 PM.jpg



The alinement looks about as perfect as I can get it and it’s much better then what is required for these couplings.

Photo Jan 23, 8 42 57 PM.jpg



Time to bolt on the casters

Photo Jan 23, 9 03 36 PM.jpg


I flipped it it over and all is good, all 4 casters are on the ground and it does not rock.

Photo Jan 23, 9 07 25 PM.jpg


Now it was was time to weld the tank mounting brackets in place

Photo Jan 23, 10 21 51 PM.jp


Tank fit perfectly

Photo Jan 23, 10 34 11 PM.jp

Photo Jan 23, 10 34 42 PM.jp


Photo Jan 23, 10 37 45 PM.jp


So that’s as far as I have gotten so far. I am quite happy with how everything is turning out up to this point and hope I can continue this positive forward  direction. Below is a picture of the specs that I’m going after with this press build in reference to HP, tons and speed. Thanks guys for watching.



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