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Magnetic base LEDs

Joel OF

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7 hours ago, bigfootnampa said:

I have a very small one with a little gooseneck that I use with my belt grinder and my buffer.  It “works a treat” as the Brits would say!  I also use one with a long gooseneck on my barbecue!  I need to get a couple more!

You've reminded me that since quitting drumming & taking up metalwork I've realized there's so many cymbal stand clamps & accessoroes that would be usesul in the workshop. A cymbal boom arm could be pretty useful at holding items at awkward levels for welding with small adaptations.

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Cymbal stands in general can make great little table stands that can be folded up and put out of the way when not in use. I have one that hangs out in my shop. 

weld a piece of plate steel to a pipe that fits the inner diameter of the top adjustable section and instant adjustable height and fold up leg stand. Good for having by the anvil if you have a cup of water to cool a punch or to have a couple punches/chisels on that you are using. 

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17 hours ago, Kevin Olson said:

Hey joel. What made you quit drumming?   I didn't quit, I just dont play as much as I used to. 

I aim to take it back up some day but reasons include; disintergration of band, cost, time, I live in a flat block in a city centre so can't have drums at home, sold them to buy a bandsaw.

Hopefully when I move out of town I'll get a space for a small set. Now you've got me missing my Zildjian A Custom 14" hi-hats and K Custom 18" Dark China. And my DW 9000 double pedals come to think of it. Never be able to afford that lot again.

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First time I actually saw one of these in person was when I found one stuck to the bottom of my car.  I had some work done on my car and the mechanic must have forgotten it.  I drove probably 100 miles before I found it and was completely amazed at how well it stuck to the bottom of the car.  After that I had to go buy one for my self.  Has become one of the handiest lights I own.

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Can't tell you how many times I've had exactly the same story related to me Joe.....I start wondering if the mechanic forgot anything else, like replacing the oil or fitting the brake pads!!!!!

I have a little magnetic 12v light, connects to the cigarette lighter sockrt, very handy except the magnets do tend to collect any magnetic flotsome and jetsome which then doesn't want to be parted from it's new home, so I slip a plastic bag over the magnetic end before use then just turn out out when finished complete with the crud.

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