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New Project - Guillotine

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I have been taking a "stick 101" course at the locak tech college (wife gifted it to me for Christmas):D.
I asked the instructor if I could "practice my beads on some of my own scrap metal" and he said sure.

This started out as two pieces of 1/2" scrap plate from a place that makes big steel beams, and a small section of heavy angle-iron from a construction site.

After using up 10+ thin cutting discs with my 4.5 inch grinder, several mason jars of elbow grease, a lot of filing with a 12-inch mill file, and a bunch of hack-saw work, I ended up with this.
I know the welds look rough. I was under a tight time frame, and I still have to weld on the hardy post.

I have several more of the plates to make die sets from. As I don't have a powered band say or other cutting rig, I use a lot of the little cutting discs.
The dies are 1/2" by 2", with the bottom being 2-2.5 inches and the tops being long enough to stick out the top.

The backing plates for the dies are pieces of angle iron that provide both the bearing surface for the top and bottom, and lateral support to keep the whole thing square.

I cut the dues from the plates and made them a little big, so I can fit them more precisely. When I fitted the bearing plates, I used a scrap piece of plate with a business card for fit.

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Yours was the final idea or plan that most appealed to my uses. I promised my wife not to prowl the forum until after Easter , or I would have known who to mostly credit.

but, thanks for the great inspirationafter the fact!

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