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Ok so my blower that I have been using for my JABOD forge is sounding like it's gonna die soon so I figure chang it while I can and I was thinking of using a blower from an old Christmas decorations that isn't any good anymore, I have 2 blowers that I can use atm, one is bigger and one is smaller and my question is which should I use?

Here is the list of information for them both 


Both of them are 120V, 60Hz, and both are thermally protected

The smaller one has 0.442A written after 60Hz(I know Hz means hertz but what does A mean) and is says that is is 3130RPM and that the Capacitor is 2.0 MFD(What does the 2.0 mean and what does MFD mean)


The bigger blower says 1.58A, it is 2750 RPM, and the Capacitor is 9.0MFD

As always any help is very much appreciated

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1 minute ago, ThomasPowers said:

A is amps, MFD is Micro farads; so 2.0 Micro farads is the size of the capacitor.

Ok so then, the smaller one has a smaller capacitor, and less amps but it has higher RPM'S than the bigger blower


So which one is better, the blower is going to be about a foot and a half from the firepit 

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5 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

Depends on the valume of air they put out and the noise the generate. Those are factors of the fan design it's self, tho paddle and squerlslipery fans tend to be quieter than bladed fans as they turn slower.  

I would use a double action bed pump for a JABOD unless you are using hard coal.

Right now I'm using a hairdryer and I'm using homemade charcoal


The Idk what a double action bed pump looks like, any other ideas for other old blowers/pumps that I could repurpose 

Noise level isn't an issue for me

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16 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

squerlslipery fans

Charles, you made my day with that typo. :) 

Dillion, can you get a good feel just from putting your hand in front of and kind of covering the outlet a bit? Also how hard will it be to just try them and see if they might work in your setup?

Also Charles has listen a picture of the double action bed pump in many threads pertaining to solid fuel forges. 

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May I commend to your attention: 

In which I mention that highly efficient house furnaces generally have an exhaust blower that makes a good forge blower and often can be gotten for free as whyen they replace a furnace it's usually not the exhaust blower that's bad on it.  (Not this is NOT the large squirrel cage blower that pushes air through the ductwork; but the exhaust helper)  Now is a good time to start asking around and see if any local places have replaced a furnace lately and see if they have a bone pile you could get one from.

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Like this. 



This is the old one mounted to the mark I JABAD forge. 




For one like me, it's just a bit harder to forget and burn up stock (tho I still do accusingly) with a band pump. I like this model as the outlet is in the base (so is the inlet, don't cross them) and it's a bit bigger. 

Yes it is mounted on the strong side. As I already have the tongs in my left, why put them down to pump. 

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