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Village Forge? Anvil

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Bottom line up front: What can you tell me about this anvil?


I was recently given an anvil (there IS a God), so I thought I would try to find some info on it online, but I've pretty much struck out so far.  

It appears to be marked "Village Forge."  When I googled that, I did not seem to find anything about anvils, so I figured I'd come here.

Other markings are "125  1940  55"

I assume that means 125 lbs, made in 1940, 55 kgs (bathroom scale says 128 lbs).  

It appears the strike face is a separate piece of steel welded on.  Judging by the scars on the horn, it appears to have been used a bit, and the minimal scaring on the strike face seems to indicate (to me at least) that it is substantially harder than the horn.  

Can anyone help me confirm this is not an ASO?  Also, what materials/manufacturing process was likely involved in its construction? Finally, where does Village Forge fall on the continuum of quality?


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from the looks of it I would say it is not an ASO, doesn't have the tell tale signs of one.

That is a sweet looking anvil though, nice face and clean edges with a good radius, though closest to the horn I like my anvils to have more of a radius for drawing out, though you use it for a while and figure out what works best for you.

  Sorry don't have any info on it, never heard of that company or shop name.


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Anvils in America: page 354: The Columbus Forge and Iron  Company made anvils under a number of different names for various Hardware Companies and Catalog Stores....Village Forge "They made Hundreds of these in the 1920's and 1930's"   (And I'd guess they made at least 1 in the 1940's---I send a pic to Richard Postman!)

So top grade anvil!, excellent shape! Columbus Forge and Iron made the Trenton anvils!

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