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Borax being removed from stores, any input?

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23 minutes ago, VaughnT said:

I like that guy's attitude!  


Long live the Borax!

Me too, maybe we can get him to lose his mind vocally about Youtube how to videos. :)

I've never made slime but am looking it up. Just think of the fun of putting a dollop in someone's boot. Odorize it maybe? Ooooh, I'm off to google slime recipes!

Frosty The Lucky.

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It's use may be a regional thing but lots of folks around here use it in their laundry. I don't see it leaving the shelf without a government mandate which I doubt will happen. I never heard of it being used a s a food additive but I never heard of it being used to make "slime" either. Moron kids have been sniffing paint at least since my school days and they haven't taken the spray cans out of my local hardware store! I've had the same 5 lb box for several years and it's over half full. When it comes to flux a little will do a lot.

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