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looking for trenton 258 information

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Yeah, my ILL came from a small town library a couple of counties away when I found AIA.  When I was interested in blacksmithing initially I checked out & read every book the ILL system had on the subject.  It's a good way to preview a book to see if you want to buy it.  

I agree with Blackfrog, it's definitely a German Trenton.  See my thread on my German Boker Trenton.  Your anvil has the same feet that mine does.  AIA states that indeed they were made prior to 1898 and I think the earlier ones don't say "Germany" on them and "Solid Wrought" is straight and not in a circle.  I think the earliest they were made was 1880 so I'm guessing if it's stamped "Germany" that's more toward the 1898 date while the ones with the straight "Solid Wrought" stamp are earlier.  That's just my ideas on it, someone here may know more about them than I do and can correct me.  Some believe that the bases were made by Peter Wright or Henry Wright and sent to Germany for assembly.  Mine doesn't have any serial number on it and the weight is stamped on the side between the legs.  Some stuff I've read on the German Trentons say they are highly collectible and rare commanding a lot more $$ than you and I paid.


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