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Killing Anvil noise

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Hi All,

So my wife has told me that my anvil ring is still abit to loud as she can hear it on the far side of the house.

I just wanted to get some advice on the below item and people opinion if this would make a significant effect on my anvil ring.


I have read a lot of the forums and I have added magnets to the heel which I am going to increase as I gather some more. Also I am going to add some chain but thought this might be an additional help.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Any soft material under the anvil will tend to cull the noise, it will also reduce vibrations travelling through the ground which can be heard inside buildings. Mine are on wooden stumps and can bearly be heard outside the forge. If you check out your local supermarket, they often have small rubber matts for workshop or car footwells, much chaeper and will work as effectively.

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That sounds good cheaper is better. :)

I was consdering maybe turning changing my stand and removing the metal stand and turning the maple on end.

As I'm pretty sure the metal stand was made for a bigger anvil, so might save it for if I ever get a bigger one that fits.

Should mean I can get closer to the anvil, but would still put a layer of rubber matt on the top.

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Generally speaking, metal stands are quieter than wood. You might also think about bedding the anvil down on a layer of silicone caulk. That made a HUGE difference with my Mousehole-- took it from "BING!!" to "whap."

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I did see a few posts about that but my stand has a big hole in the middle as it is a traditional stand.

I haven't got a picture of the hole but I think you can just see it in this picture. I was unsure about this as it seemed to be right under the sweet spot.

But then I realised my anvil seems to have a slight bow between the feet, which I believe is normal with Brooks Anvils.



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Oh ok that makes sense I thought the silcone had to be a complete bed to be the most effective.

I might stick with the steel stand for now as it double the weight of my anvil, was coming up with two methods of fastening it down.

I was either going to make a bracket and bolt it to the frame but am unsure of drilling threw cast steel.

The other idea was to use two chains fastened around the waist and then looped under the arches of the stand.

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Yeh it is really nice, it is about another 30 Kg which helps getting mass behind the anvil.

I am willing to try everything to get it as quite as possible but don't really want to stop using the stand. So I will try with all the mods.

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13 minutes ago, Zeroclick said:

So i have put a silicone caulk bed under the feet and i can't believe what a difference it has made it really has quietened the anvil down to a dull thud.

The only ring i get is if i work on the horn or the heel.

I like that idea with the silicone. Pot magnets work great on the heel. Would work on the horn too I'm sure if it would stay 

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