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Hello, I am new to this forum and I have an anvil that I am trying to identify. I can make out the words: "? ???LDRIDGE & SON, ????RBRIDGE, BEST WARRANTED". The other side is stamped in hundred weight: 3 1 3 (the first three is upside down). And yes, it has THREE Hardy Holes!  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Isaac




mystery anvil 2.jpg

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Wow! That's what it is. Thanks for the quick response.

Hi Iron Ike and welcome to the forum. If you go to your profile and add your location, you might be surprised how many of the gang are close enough to visit and some questions are location dependent.

Shucks if you were close, I would be proud to come and pet that excellent anvil you found. It looks like she is ready to get back to work with out anything being done to her (no grinding for sure) hot metal will make her face shine.

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