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First Anvil, need help with identification


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My father and I just picked up our first anvil yesterday, i cleaned it up today and i am seeking your input on a possible manufacturer. I can not find a makers mark on either side.  However the front has a "10" and the back has a "42"

The person i bought it from it weighed 110 pounds, feels about that weight.  I will weight it in a few days.

Thank you for the help.  Matt









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I've seen a handful of anvils like yours that look like a Vulcan, but do not have the logo on the side. I can't tell for sure if they were made by Vulcan, but they were made the same way. Cast iron with a thin steel faceplate. As long as you don't abuse it, (this type of anvil is prone to chipping) it will serve you well.


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I am far from an anvil expert, but the face and horn look to be mighty soft, not unlike my malleable iron farriers anvils. The little cast with the 1/4" plate, certainly shows chipping on the edges like TS describes and before TJ Watts boned the broken heal and poorly cast horn off it had casting porosity isues like the waist of yours. For pixies sake don't go grinding in her tho, well many in a year or so you might round the endless some. Mine taper form about a 1" radie at the heal to a 1/4" at the front

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Note the casting porosity holes showing on the side of the horn up were the steel faceplate meets the cast iron---5th picture down.

I have a vulcan where the horn broke off due to such voids right where the horn met the body of the anvil, so be gentle on the horn!

Face is in great condition for an Vulcan and should make a decent starter anvil with the added bonus that the Vulcans are a quiet anvil so no ear piercing TING when hammered on just a thwap.

Did you find it in the USA?  And if you are comfortable with telling us, How much?

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