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Poor Picture Any Guess as to Maker?

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Due to the quality of the photo, the picture angle, etc. it is difficult for me to tell if it is an arch or the curve between the feet. If you are able to get additional photos, and photos of any marking, it would help us provide an opinion. As to the maker, there is just not enough information to make anything other than a guess.  If someone recognizes the anvil shape or outline, please provide an opinion.

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Spanish and French anvils sometimes had an arch in the base; but I concur it looks the the curve between the feet to me.

The horn looks a bit off to me. I'd certainly want to see and test it in person before making an offer on it! (If that is what you had in mind)

Quad-State Blacksmiths Round-Up is coming up fast at the Miami County Fairgrounds, Troy Ohio.  There will be several HUNDRED anvils for sale and so on display there if you want to see a bunch and get a feeling for them.

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