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Wrench Storage

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Anybody have interesting ideas for storing wrenches? Box end, specifically. Wanting to make something for a friend who doesn't necessarily need them super portable as much as accessible.  Something to hang in the garage? 

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I have short pieces of automotive heater hose pop riveted to the inside of my old tool box lid. They're cut opposite the rivets and let you just push a wrench in and the hose hold it in plain sight for easy access.

Frosty The Lucky.

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You want to have some fun with it? Make wrench hangers out of old rusty open end wrenches. Bend the handle near the working end ~90 degrees, bend the end of the wrench tips up, and punch a few holes in the handle. Screw them to wood of your choice. If you bend the other end also, each wrench can hold 4 box wrenches.


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