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Improvements... My latest.


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Well folks, here's the first blade that I actually thought deserved a handle. And, it's my first sheath too. Too bad I stitch better than I forge. :oops:

It's an old Nicholson file. I forged it probably to about 70% and did the rest on the grinder. Still looking for that elusive 90% forged mark. Normalized, annealed, ground, then oil quenched. The heat treating is by Whirlpool. :wink: I etched with vinegar to give it a gunmetal grey color. The handle needs rewrapped - my rawhide didn't shrink like I'd hoped. The sheath is a double loop design that really resembles an "Askins" style pistol holster. Rides close and solid.




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Thanks a ton, folks! :D

Yeah, I am working without a belt grinder. I bought ABS Mastersmith, Burt Foster's grinder off of him at a hammer in last weekend. It's a Bader BIII. Don't have it set up yet, though. I finished this one before buying the grinder, so all I had was my angle grinder set in my vise. And LOTS of filing. Went through 2 cans of elbow grease. :wink: Can't wait to get some belts and real blade steel and give that "new-to-me" Bader a go!

The handle is 2 oz. leather epoxied around the tang. I then wrapped it with soaked rawhide lacing. I apparently cooked the rawhide thinking that heat would make it soften faster. Its texture changed and it refuses to shrink. :oops: .

I've been drooling over Daniel Winkler's blades alot recently. I love them period pieces!

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ELKDOC-- Rawhide needs to be stretched, while wet and as it drys it will draw back up..

When I was trying to braid. I would take an old screen door spring and fix it to a pull on the rawhide while it was wet. I would use a sponge to re-wet the rawhide and get a good stretch on it. You don't need a whole lot of stretch for it to draw up and look like you want. Don't rewet the thinnest parts.


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Isn't that the way try and say somethin good or nice and the beak gets things twisted up. My appologies to both gents, the great knife maker and the actor. I enjoy both thier crafts, and enoyed viewing your knife and case. Epoxied leather handle hummm ....it looks so good I gonna try that.

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