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Steve from Elyria Ohio (west of Cleveland)

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Hello I'm Steve I'm a 35 year old beginner from northern Ohio I guess,15 min west of Cleveland. I've built commercial cabinetry for the past 10 yrs and hobby welder, looking to get into blacksmithing not really into knifes and swords more ornamental and tool making. All I know is what I've obsessively watched on youtube and internet. I even built a small propane forge. I have hammers but no anvil. I'm looking for some hands on experience and guidance if anyone is in my area.

Thanks a lot and can't wait to learn a lot more.

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To find an anvil, use the hammer head of your largest hammer. Go to the anvil section and read what has been already posted about anvils. Do a site search for TPAAAT. 

Join a blacksmithing group near you and go to the meetings. You will learn more in a couple of hours than you can ever imagine. They are also the source for the tooling you will need. Make plans to attend SOFA in Troy Ohio in September (ish) of this year. Nore tooling and blacksmithing equipment than you can carry home in one trip.


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There are generally several hundred anvils for sale at Quad-State the last full weekend in September held at the Miami county fairgrounds in Troy Ohio just a tad north of Dayton.

Ohio had 3 anvil manufacturers in it in the day: Columbian in Cleveland and Arm and Hammer and Trenton in Columbus, 

I proved in the TPAAAT in Columbus!  (Don't forget there were more anvils in cities than in the country!)

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