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Raising hammer from rail anchor


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This is the second hammer I've made, and the first in my home forge. The stock was a  5"-ish length cut from the end of a rail anchor, so probably 5160 or similar. It struck me that the little nub on the end was already about the right shape for a cross-peen, and I've been thinking about doing more cold work anyway (my son really wants a helmet).

I had a friend over to try his hand at smithing, so I got him to strike for me for the punching, drifting, and fullering, all of which went quite well. 





Not shown are the stamped numbers on the underside, which were on the original anchor. I'm going to leave them there to confuse future archaeologists.

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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Generally around 1050 as I recall.

Ah, yes; now that I recall, you'd noted elsewhere:

"From Matt B on Anvilfire 08/08/2007 12:10:21 EDT
"'The current standard for rail anchors is 1040-1060 steel, depending upon manufacturer.'"

Normalized, heated to critical, then water quenched about 3/4" of each end alternately and repeatedly until the center was dark red, then ran both faces to blue on retained heat.  

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Looks good John. I like rail clips excellent medium carbon low alloy steel, great when you need springy or high impact in a tool. I pick them up when I can.

Were I a bladesmith guy I'd seriously consider it for things like hawks and san mi or pattern welded type blades. 

Nice job.

Frosty The Lucky.

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