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Just wondering if anyone can help me with an idea of the value of this anvil. I employed some guys to clean up my garden and fortunately arrived just before they loaded it into their truck....oh say's he, most people throw out old junk like this, really ? So would really appreciate your help. 





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By the anvil make and your last word signing off,  I'll assume you're in Australia?

Not JUNK at all, quite valuable, especially in Australia...  I think the guys working for you were licking their chops at getting a valuable item snuck out of your garden.

Value will depend on condition and size.  Can't quite tell the size from the picture.  Some BK anvils will have the number cast into the side.  If not, take overall measurements of total length, height, and top face width.

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3 hours ago, John in Oly, WA said:

First, I'd find other guys to do your yard work and immediately get rid of those dishonest sorts.

^this....and repeat it a few times.

They knew what they were taking.  Similar sometimes happens around here with scrappers.  People pile up their farm scrap and just arrange for someone to take it because it's not worth hauling half a ton all the way to town as a small lot. However, the weasels will often "accidentally" grab other items, claiming they thought it was part of the scrap pile.  Those items, of course, get covered up in the truck almost immediately.

When people are working on your property, they need at least some minimal supervision unless they are HIGHLY trusted.  No, not every one is a crook but there are enough that you need to take appropriate measures.

Anyway--as others have said, those garden cleaners were adding at a few hundred dollars to their day's take.  Just how many dollars would require more information and likely better photos to estimate.

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Nice anvil. In order to estimate a price, please post photo of face and edge to show condition, and very important, ,post the weight. If such is not possible weight can be guessed from the size, that is length, width and height.  The price of anvils depends from condition, brand weight and location, not necessarily in that order. 

BK Sydney and Peter Wright are the brands more commonly available in Australia and prices are comparably the highest in the world. There is an old anvils dealer advertising on Gumtree right now selling anvils at $10 a kilo. 

At a wild guess, your anvil is in the order of 60-80 kilos (?)

And as Frosty would say ... add your location to your profile :)

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