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How in the world is this done?

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No problem, you just need the Escher scrolling forks.

You can see a couple of the welds, one center element where it meets the bar in line across the bend is where it's welded. The bars are split, one end of the center element is cut free from one end and the bars are bent left, right, left, right, and the center bar is welded straight across.

Well, that's the way the brain damaged guy living in an Alaskan forest would do it. Maybe not how that maker did but . . .

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you. I've been known to show folk what I know about smithing and such.

The welds aren't easy to see and I can only spot two that LOOK like welds. My process description could be completely wrong but I can't think of another method that doesn't require a welded.

Personally I'd mig it and clean it up with a file and chisel but I cheat. :ph34r:

Frosty The Lucky.

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