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A Striking Anvil Made From A Forklift Tine With Water Jet Cut Hardy Hole

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That's a great looking setup! I have a large tine that broke a few inches above the bend that I have used for a couple of years resting on a couple of 30 gal. metal drums. I now have something to sorta copy :rolleyes:,  Thank you!!

My working anvil I have used for 50 yrs is an Armitage mouse hole 125 lb.

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That's really nice! I'm in the process of making one now, trying to figure out how to get the hardy hole in place. I wanted to have it water-/abrasive-jet cut, but that seems too expensive (quotes seem to average $120). With the money I've already sunk into it for materials, I think I'm going to end up milling it.

How tall did you end up making it?

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