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Damascus neck knife.


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Damascus neck knife with spalted ash handle scales.

The Damascus was given to me by my Father and I had the blade hardened, cryogenically by a local company.

This is the 6th knife that I've finished mainly by stock removal, although I'm moving into forging also.

It took me a while to finish the knife, now I need to work on a buffalo leather sheath.





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54 minutes ago, Will W. said:

Nice. The pattern is very interesting, but those scales! Wow! I'm a fan. Did you do the initial heat treatment on it before having it cryogenically treated?

Thanks. All the heat treatment was done by a small UK company called shingcrafts. Usually do my own heat treatment but stainless Damascus/cryogenics is a bit (very far) out of my league.

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I could be wrong, but looks like a single bevel Scandi grind in the pics, which by their very nature are going to be shorter than a standard bevel that has a secondary cutting edge at a steeper angle. Scandi grinds are pretty handy on little neck knives because to field sharpen on a stone you can just lay the bevel on the stone and voila your sharpening angle is set. I like 'em on neck knives and "bushcraft" knives.

Purdy knife by the way.

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