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I Forge Iron

New from central Pa.


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Hello I am B.J. Habermehl. Been working with metal since highschool. Had a smithy in my old garage untill I discovered I had adult onset asthma so the coal fired forge had to go. I have been forgeless for a few years and am planning to set up a gas fired unit up. Been building black powder rifles for 17 years, and I have found that I need a forge again to make lock plates ect. Talk about Iron in the blood, Dad was a Marine Machineist in the Philly Navy Yd. Grand Father on Dad's side was a blacksmith and machineist for the RR. His dad was a blacksmith also for the railroad also. Funny how family trades sometimes run. B.J. Habermehl

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Respirators with any significant intake pressure requirements can be hard on asthmatics. If you get to where you need to use one look into positive pressure systems that pump filtered air to your "mask" cutting down on the load on the lungs---you can build your own too.

Saw a bladesmith who had one for his grinding area. Filtered intake located outside of the shop blown by a small squirrel cage fan to a flexible vent hose that went from the ceiling to the top of a hardhat with face shield that he had cut a hole in for the pipe.

In use the flow is over the head and out the sides of the mask so no dust or fumes gets inside, doesn't fog up like some tight face masks/goggles do either and in the summer it acted as a cooler for the wearer. (don't know what he did in the winter...)

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