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Arm and Hammer dating help requested

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Hi. New member, first post. I live part time in Alaska and part time in Northern California. I'm currently building a welding/blacksmithing shop on a ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains. I've found an Arm and Hammer 350lb anvil for sale with serial number is27121.  

Can anyone here please help me date this anvil and how much would be a fair offer? Looks to be in great shape with no cracks.  We are trying to replicate a blacksmith shop from 1840-1860 as this ranch was once a sawmill from that era. We also want it to be a working shop. 

Can I also get some advise on finding an anvil from the mid-1800's?  We're they high quality from this period and would I want to pound on it, or keep it as a museum piece?

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts on helping me complete this cool shop!!

Kind regards,


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Anvils from the mid 1800's were high, middle or low quality depending on what you bought.  Have you bought a copy of "Anvils in America" Richard Postman yet?  It will  cover a lot of what you might run across.  I use an anvil date stamped 1828, anvils are not really considered "old" until they are over 200 years.  I would look for a typical English London Pattern anvil like a Mousehole it's squat configuration is much truer to the earlier ones than the late 1800's early 1900's American anvils.

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