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Viking Era Blacksmithing Class

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Took a Viking Era Blacksmithing class taught by Mr. Elmer Roush a few weeks ago. Great class! We went over mammen pattern axes, spears, arrowheads, and some other pattern axes. I was able to forge a large spear (my favorite exercise from the class), a mammen pattern axe, a mess of arrowheads (none of which I was super proud of, need more practice with those), and I managed to squeak in a tomahawk on the last day for fun! Great class, great facilities at John C. Campbell Folk School, great FOOD, and a truly inspiring, down to earth, helpful instructor and assistant. I can't wait to go back and learn more from Elmer. I've never forged a spear before but I think I truly enjoyed forging the spear more than I do axes, tomahawks, knives, or whatever. What a fun process! The spear, hawk, and axe are all A36 with 1095 welded cutting edges and bits. The arrowheads are all mild. Thanks for looking! Moderators, I put this in historical based on the title, my apologies if it is improperly located! 





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8 minutes ago, Frosty said:

Sounds good Benton, I met Elmer and Linda some years ago and would love taking a class with him. Nice looking spear point, you ARE going to post pics when you put it on a shaft. YES?

Frosty The Lucky.

You betcha! I am hoping to swing by the local lumber spot this coming week... the guy told me I could get a 5/4 straight grain ash board 8 feet long... I about jumped with joy! Ash available around here where Emerald Ash Borer has gnawed everything to bits? Yippee! Elmer is a genuine heck of a guy. Hope to get to learn more from him. His classes are great because i got to take LOTS of notes. 

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I have been to Campbell several time doing blacksmithing classes (all in old shop) .I when to Elmer shop and met him but never have taken his Viking class ..May have to put that on me to do list??Good job on your projects .. 

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