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  1. Forged these Hawks from Wagon tires . I `am pretty sure the old wagon tires are NOT Wrought Iron but nice low carbon steel to work with. I used 1075 carbon steel for the bit/cutting edge and Curly Maple handle ..I enjoy forge the Hawks
  2. I got a bottle of Plum brown and tried it for a finish , I didn't like it very much. Plus was not very durable, I was able to wipe the rust finish off pretty easy with just wet rag. I do like the Gun Blue finish the best so far . A couple of pictures of the Hawks with handles
  3. I will be trying the "hot" browning on one of the tomahawks in the future , I `am hopefully the finish will be a more chocolate brown finish ?? I will post pictures for viewing when I get it done
  4. I think I may try t he "hot" Plum browning that I used on my Muzzle loading barrels and see what that looks like ??but so far the cold gun blue is what I 'am liking
  5. A couple different finishes on my Tomahawks ,both were put in Muriatic acid for cleaning. One has Pema Blue (gun blue) as a finish .The other was sprayed with Hydrogen Peroxide after coming out of the Muriatic acid. I 'am not sure I like the Rust type finish??Tthe rust one is Wrought Iron. I thought I would ask you guys your opinions ?? And also what type of finish you use?? Thanks
  6. I have been to Campbell several time doing blacksmithing classes (all in old shop) .I when to Elmer shop and met him but never have taken his Viking class ..May have to put that on me to do list??Good job on your projects ..
  7. Thanks on the comment , I really like doing making the Tomahawks and have sold a few on Etsy. I been thinking about possible doing a small axe or hatchet before trying the Viking axe like we did in the class?? Yeah, WI doesn't like bends very well . I have some 5160 I bought at Quad-State but haven't used it from the cutting edge/bits ..readied were it can be a problem in forged welding ?? I know it doesn't like welding to it self
  8. A few pictures of my Tomahawk , I used Wrought Iron (wagon tire) for the "body" and 1075 for the bit . I folded and welded the Wrought Iron to refine the grain a couple of times . I got 8 of the Wrought Iron wagon tires at an auction last fall cheap , so good supply to making Hawks .The handle is Curly Maple.
  9. I just used Folgers coffee to etch the blade ,no cream or Nothing special ,the way I drink it .I have a Keurig that I used to make the coffee . I really didn't keep track of the time I etch the blade, probably around 90 minutes there about ??? bobasaurus....The only heat I used was the hot coffee , just hot coffee from the coffee maker ,no extra heating ..All I did was clean the blade and put an wax/ oil on it.
  10. There's some pictures of my first Damascus blade, didn't have a lot of the material to make a large knife, so did what I call a "cheese knife" in the shape of a meat cleaver. The total length including the handle of 6 1/2" and the width of the blade in 1 1/2". 80 layers and twisted , the steel I used was 1084 ,1075 and 15n 20 ..Etch in black coffee . Happy how it turned out , Not sure how much knife making I will do??? I 'am not into a lot of grinding, sanding and polish..
  11. Contact Gary Riss in Streator, IL 815-672-2634 for coal or Mike Bost in Rockford, IL 815-978-8090..both have good blacksmithing coal. Mod Note: Tell them IForgeIron sent you.
  12. Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association ..web site.... We have an winter even in South Beloit in Feb ,details on the web site
  13. Also a good article on small axe in the Hammer`s Blow (summer 2014) by Gerald Boggs..
  14. phabib.. If you search on the web for Wayne Coe Blacksmith .. That's where I got my plans from... Also on his web site has a short video explaining the belt sander/grinder. I have a 2" and 6" rubber wheel plus the tracking & drive wheel both of them are of aluminum. the platten was made from angle iron
  15. Finished my grinder ,Plans from Wayne Coe .. Have a 1 HP motor (2450 rpm) with a 4" drive wheel I know it`s not a sealed motor but was free . Will build a small shield to protect its somewhat from grinding dust, and we'll see how it performs? When it dies will get a sealed type motor, probably 1 1/2 hp..Just have mounted on plywood base for now, I will eventually make a metal base for the grinder. Planning to use it possibly for a few knives to grind also use it to grind on tomahawks and small axes, not using it exclusively for knives only. I like the way the wheel arm can be set in different positions. Question?? If I did my math correctly the belt speed should be somewhere around 3600 SFPM? I 'am thinking I should have more belts speed? I've used belts sanders/ grinders in other shops and they seem like they're run faster. One thing I noticed I get very few sparks or no sparks when grinding using 60 grit. I would be interesting to know what the other people who have DIY belt grinder/sanders have for belt speeds or what would be the low and high for belt speed?? I did search through the form for information on belt speeds and saw some list, curious what people are actually running and are have good performance with their grinders. thanks