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Steel for Anvil Face

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Howdy folks.
I recently bought a little anvil from princess auto, which I suppose is similar to harbor freight for you non-canadians.
It said it was hardened steel, etc. but it was asking like 2 bucks USD per pound so I bought it figuring I might get lucky, but probably wont.

I didn't get lucky, it's steel but not heat treated, but it's got a nice shape.

My tentative plan is to weld a thick steel plate on to the sweet spot of the anvil; what steel plate do you figure I should use for such a purpose?
Right now the anvil only has a rebound of like 25%, just need a surface for striking I figure.

What steel do you figure I should grab for that? I'll just go out and buy a chunk of thick plate. The anvil as is is made from C45

Or alternately do any of you figure there's some other plan that'd work for this thing to make it usable? It's still decent steel and a decent shape really.

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