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hey yall i havent been in in a while my shops been out of commision for a while and im working on getting a computer, but any you gotta hear this my friend abe has a bad tooth right and hes in major pain but he needs tires for his truck so he comes up to my house instead of the dentist and convinces me to help him to pull his tooth out (i jokingly offered the use of tongs but he declined) and so anyway hes trying to loosen the tooth before we pull it and he says " man if only i could bang on it with something" and i say jokingly "what like an iceskate and a rock" and he says yeah dude just like that so i go and get him a pin punch and hammer and he sets against the painful tooth and asks me to whack i with a hammer so i did and it whent "tink" and so i tried again "tink" and it doesnt move so finally he hands my dad a pair of pliers and asks him to pull it out and so we open his mouth and shine a light on the tooth only to notice that the pain is being caused by the two teeth behind it (they had been pulled out and the roots where left in the gums" and so i apoligized for hitting his tooth with a ball pein hammer and advized him not to go to a blacksmith for his dental work. :)

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My grandfather was a carpenter & one of his pals showed up one day in a slightly (or more) tipsy state & asked him to pull a tooth for him. Pappaw sat him down & reached for the tooth with an old pair of pliers, at which point the guy asked him, "Ed, you arent drunk too are you?" :) For Christmas that year Dad made Pappaw a cedar sign which read "W.E. Cornish-Painless extractions"

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Blafen, I can't wait to see my buddies and tell them this story....
We all joke about someone doing XXXX like that... but...You actually smacked this guys tooth with a hammer and punch. :o
Then only thing that could make this any better is if you video taped it.;)
I am still laughing, Thanks!!!!
ps. Dan is right, you may want to come up with an alibi for that evening!!!:p

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ya know... I opened this thread thinking "this is gonna be some grisly story about someone getting smacked in the mouth with a hammer" nah.... that would go under the safety thread. Then I thought "maybe it's something about an old west blacksmith who doubled as the town dentist" nah... that would be more under blacksmith>history or something... and while my my first thought was closer than my second thought... I never expected this. All I can add is this quote (which just happens to come from your's truly)

"Pauly, in the long history of bad ideas, this is right up there with the time we went down those three flights of stairs on that plastic sled that one night."

-Aaron @ the SCF

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in the olden days i was working in an emergency room; a patient presented with scratchy throat after coming from dentist who had dropped a drill bit down his throat!!
i don't know whether it was the patient or the dentist who originated the joke; he said the dentist told him not to worry about the bit; "he had more of them"

unfortunately the scratch in his throat was not where the bit ended up so he went to surgery right away.

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I love it!
It takes the stress out of the day to here a story like that. Thanks for sharing. That story was just plain funny to me!!
But now days the bit is worth more than the patent. Of course they are going after the bit, steel prices are so high. :cool:

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