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I Forge Iron

Howdy From Texas


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Welcome aboard Ben, glad to have you. After a couple years you should have something to take a pic or two of and post it. We LOVE pics you know: shop, tools, equipment, projects, pets, kids, most anything you'd show a youngster you didn't want to explain.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi fellas. Unfortunately I wasn't a picture taker until somewhat recently and have learned to do my with my phone. I've looked around for some of my early projects and little is left as I threw them away in disgust. I'm sure I'll be able to locat a few eventually to post in the first work thread. I'm still working on learning to post pictures without having to ask the obvious question. I might as well give it a try here with a couple of things I've recently made. The other pictures I hope to put in their appropriate thread. 


P.s. Like many others, I've finally decided to become an active member because I need help. More specifically with a certain style of tongs. I'll be making a thread about that in the tong section.

Key hooks made for my neighbor. The wood is mesquite that came out of the firewood pile..


My first handled hot cut


Tried my had at a rose on Valentine's Day for The Lady.


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Howdy! good clean forging, that's what i like, hot cut is nicely forged to finish. good job! i like the coat rack!


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