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ye old vise question - what to do with it


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Ok, so I apologize for ignorance here... I have this old vise, don't really, dont know what is worth or even if its functional..  

about 38lbs total

screw seems smooth, a little tight but i think thats just old grease, I did take it apart one time and I think it was ok.  The slot tha that fin rides in seems very loose.

Any thoughts on this?  What's it worth, is it still useable for someone (not me) It has a history form central PA farm, then was in a basement for probably the last 60 yeears or more.

Its not rusted solid, just some surface color, paint spatter, etc








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added a screw pic
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Where are you located? Price can differ on the location of the vise. You can add your location by going to your profile.

I would suggest that you mount the vise and use it for a while. They are very handy pieces of equipment for any shop.

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My educated guess is that it is English, quite old (1800-1850), and with the composite brazed screw and screw box. It has the tenoned mount which predated the U-shackle mount. I would use it, even though it is on the verge of being an antique. These old tenon mount vises seldom had a jaw width more than 4 1/2". We suppose that such a vise was forged in a specialty shop by two to four men.

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