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I Forge Iron

48" Longsword in progress

Graham Fredeen

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Hey everyone,

Thought I would drop in and post some pictures of the progress made on my latest piece.

Its a 48" longsword/hand-and-a half sword, 36" blade. 5160 spring steel. About 1 3/4" wide near the tang (might thin it up some however).

Here are some pictures of it rough forged, and some part-way through the rough grinding. I would say I am about 50%-65% done with the rough grinding (depending on if I adjust the profile or not). I still have to thin up the edges a bit and get the fuller running completly straight and uniform and grind out a few gouges and mis-shapen areas here and there. But its comming along nicely.

Anyway, let me know what you all think.







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Thanks everyone.

Looks great you little upstart;).

Haha seriously, loving the forged in fuller, I gotta make one of those jigs up soon. it's coming along really nicely I have one similar waiting for me to figure out a way to heat treat it hehe.

Sam, firstly... I am not little ;) Secondly... don't start something you can't finish (like a knife or sword ;) ). Heheh, just kidding. I have a similar problem when it comes to forging something out and letting it sit in the shop for a long long time. This sword was like that, had it about half way rough forged out almost a year ago, then didn't touch it. Finally thought it would be a good idea to try and finish it up.

As to fullering tools, spring fullers work alright, but I think that a guillotine type tool is a better idea, and probably what I will make in the future. Something like the one Mike donated on the first page would work perfectally. The guillotine style is more versitile, you can use it on more than one sized stock and dont have to worry about things not lining up when you drop the hammer on it. Plus, more efficient. The spring on the spring fuller can absorb some of your blow, but not with the guillotine.

After I get this beast rough ground I am going to set it aside and build a much needed long HT furnace. After I get that up and going I will probably try and shift my focus more towards swords and less towards knives... or, better yet more towards swords and knives.

Nick, the fuller was forged in, then cleaned up by hand with a file, and then some on the grinder (had to devise an attachement speciffically for cleaning up the fullers after I did one of them by hand).

Thomas, not sure on the current weight. I still have to do a decent amount of grinding which will probably lighten it up a bit, so havent bothered checking yet. I can tell you however, it weighs quite a bit less than the 4 lb sledge I drew it out with though :).
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Sam, I was thinking of just going with a multi-burner that I can tune down really low. I would love to do a salt set up, but don't have the funds. I don't agree on the expense of a salt setup being the same for a multi-burner either. I already have the kaowool to line a multi-burner (ordered extra when I did my forge), and would make the burner's myself, for little expense. Overall, maybe $100 out of pocket (not including what I already have part-wise). A salt setup would push me way over that. Unless you have some sources that I don't know about. Unless I could do a salt setup for $250 or less, probably not going to happen for awhile.

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Definately interested in hearing some more about this. I was under the impression that I would be looking like way more than $500 (probably closer to $700 all said and done) for a set up like I would need. Was looking like about $300 for just the stainless steel pipe, $200-$300 for the PID controler, plus solenoid, burners, and all the plumbing, not to mention the salts.

If I could get a salt set up for the price you are talking, I will most definately go for that. If Garey would be willing to give me some schooling on his setup, total cost, etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

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WOW, sorry bout that Tar! I just hit the site real quick while I was out of town and noticed appman's name as the last post in the thread, my brain though this was appmans double bevel sword thread. My mistake.

And yeah wow Tar that is a very nicely shaped blade, I love it!

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Feukair, no problem, easily made mistake. Afterall, Sam is usually the one to bang out the biger ones around here ;) .

Norseman, I have yet to HT it, so right now here singing is a little out of tune ;). Still rings pretty good, but you can tell that it is in an annealed state. Once heat treated, it should ring most beautifully.

Unfortunately I haven't made much further progress on the sword from where it was last time. I broke out with a Damascus rash that I couldnt help scratching, so the past couple of weekends have been spent working on a 1095/ pure nickel billet instead of this sword. Have the billet up to about 60 layers currently, and will probably fold either once or twice more to give 120/240 layers. Have to see how much of the billet is left after the next fold however. Ran out of propane on my last weld, so had to stop until this next weekend.

But, I promise I will post the progress of this sword as it comes along.

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