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Stand recommendations?

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Hello. I'm new. I've done a ton of reading on here, elsewhere, watched youtube videos, etc.

My NCtool 77lb anvil arrives shortly, and I want to build a stand for it. I'm considering strapping the 4x4's vertically to make the stand....but a little background. I live in a neighborhood where I like my neighbors and don't want to tick them off too much. What can I do to best deaden the sound as much as possible? Some sort of rubber pad under the anvil, then secure it to the 4x4's firmly?

Is there another simpler stand I should attempt to make with 4x4's?

Thank you

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It doesn't get much simpler than strapping 4x4s together.  Just make sure that you use enough to create a wide stable base, and that there's something between them (construction adhesive, for example) to keep them from shifting against each other. 

 As for deadening sound, putting a layer of silicone caulk between the anvil and base will both secure the anvil in place and quiet it pretty effectively. Putting a big magnet under the heel and wrapping the waist of the anvil with heavy chain also help; the latter also increases its effective weight.


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Interesting about wrapping chain and using a magnet under the heel. I'll definitely do the silicone. Should I also strap the anvil down on top of the adhesion effectiveness of the silicone, force the sound deadening into the wood too?

I have seen chain around several folks' anvils and I always thought that was a hold-down method. I'll have to scrounge up some old chain somewhere.

As for strapping the wood together, good point on wood glue or the like. Then I can just use basic straps and leave the mechanical adhesion to the glue.


by the way-- Thanks!

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Silicone should hold the anvil by itself; no need for additional fastening. That's what's holding down the anvil in my profile picture, with no additional fastening.

If you're not wedded to the 4x4 idea, metal tripods are stronger, more stable, and quieter. Just saying.

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The ring of the anvil is a vibration, much like a tuning fork. Anything to dampen the vibration will dampen the ring. 

anvil strap 1.jpg

Firmly securing the anvil to the stand dampens the vibration.


anvil caulk 1.jpg

Silicone and other adhesives work. 


anvil chain 1.jpg

I have used a couple of wraps of light weight #1000 pound chain, and even a tire chain, to dampen the vibrations.


anvil sand 1.jpg

The best I have found is sand maybe 3-4 inches deep. Place the anvil in a container, and add sand. The allows you to adjust the anvil height to what fits your body height and body comfort. It also allows you to turn the anvil on its side, or on its end, so you can use something other than the face.

Get a Fisher or other brand of anvil that does not ring.


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Just putting a piece of something on or below the heel will dampen the ring thus the magnet. I assume that it acts by allowing a slight movement that sucks up the vibrational energy. The chain should work in a similar way.

The heel and the foot(feet) under the heel act together as a tuning fork. If you tie down the foot, the foot it will dissipate energy into the stand thus decreasing the energy the heel can broadcast. Thus you should make sure there is good contact foot-stand at the end of the foot.

A very efficient way, is to connect the end of the heel to the foot (or stand) by wedging a piece of wood or something between them. This is very efficient but will sometimes be in the way when you bend around the heel. The heel of a London pattern acts as the resonating body of a violin or guitar thus the wedging prevents most of the transmission of the energy into the air.


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