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The amount of fuel does not make the fire hot, the amount of air makes the fire hot.

A box bellows has been used to produce enough air to forge with. The answer to your question depends on the amount of air your box bellows can produce and how energetic the operator of the box bellows becomes.

You do not need a 24 inch diameter pan full of fire for a knife, so build up some walls that will allow the fire to be the size for the knife. The walls can be made from what ever is available to you in your ares, mud, brick, metal, etc. This also saves on the fuel costs. 


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Thanks and I do understand 

What I'm trying to figure out is using a box bellows ( which I have 36 long 18 high and 10 wide )  and I I have my fire in the middle of my drum surrounded by fresh coal can I produce enough heat to forge weld day... A chainsaw chain ?  I know I can experiment but would like to hear that it is possible 

That's a kind of quirk I have

Thank you

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Sounds like a large one. If it was built well it should do fine; unfortunately I have not been able to hack into your optic nerves and see it to tell and even then it's the innards that are the important bits!  So design of the tuyere, design of the forge, experience of the user also play a large part.


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Sounds like it would work to me. I would play with some scrap metal first and adjust as needed to get what you want from the fire.

Do not overcomplicate simple. And do not question your ability or skill level as YOUR ability and skill advances with each new attempt at forging. It is not that you can not do something, it is that you have not done it enough to become comfortable with the process. 

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