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Prayer request for JPH & Family

Steve Sells

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This is a forward from Jim , his words:

It is with mixed emotions that I write this....

Trudi Hrisoulas, my ex wife, passed from this mortal plane early yesterday morning after a short but very valiant battle with leukemia. She is survived by her three children.

To those of you reading this that know us personally, the divorce was not very pleasant to say the least but we were married for 18 years. Those 18 years produced three beautiful children, of whom I was awarded custody from the divorce. They are still in my care and I solemnly swear that I will keep them safe and secure and will raise them with them knowing that their mother loved them. For she did in her own way. Very much so.

She was ill for a very long time, plagued by life long health problems, and her passing, while not unexpected was sudden. She passed quietly and painlessly and was attended by a close friend during "her journey over". I can say she died at peace knowing that her three children WOULD be cared for with love.

As it is as far as funeral arrangements, at this time I am not privvy to this information. I do know that pre-arrangements were made for the cremation and final dispensation of her mortal body. Please, do not send flowers, just keep a warm thought in your heart for her when you think of her.

While we had our differences, she was my wife for 18 years and I wish her God's Speed and pray that she is finally at peace and free of the suffering she endured all her life.

Dr. Jim Hrisoulas
Metallographer, Bladesmith
Author: "The Complete Bladesmith"
"The Master Bladesmith"
"The Pattern Welded Blade"

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