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Hammer handle size - list yours


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There was a discussion in the IFI Chat room about hammer handle size compared to the hand size. Please list the following measurements so we can get some real data.

Get your favorite hammer, the one that firs your hand.

The following data is from my hammer

Hammer weight = less than 2#
Hand span = 9-1/2" (Measurement from thumb to little finger when hand is fully extended)
Hand Height = 8" (Measurement from base of the heel of the hand at the wrist, to the end of the sociable finger [the long one])

Handle length 11-1/8" (from the bottom of the hammer head to the outside of the pinkie (little) finger.
Handle grip hight = 1-1/8" (widest point)
Handle grip width = 15/16" (widest point)

Neck hight = 3/4" (narrowest point)
Neck width = 5/8" (narrowest point)

Hammer weight = less than 2#
Hand span = 9-1/2"
Hand Height = 8"

Handle length 11-1/8"
Handle grip hight = 1-1/8"
Handle grip width = 15/16"

Neck hight = 3/4"
Neck width = 5/8"

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Is the hammer weight include the handle, state it as included.

The reason for the hammer weight is that it will influence the dimensions of the handle. A 1 pound hammer handle will not work in a 5 pound hammer.

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my hand measures 9x7.my handles are all roughly the same size 1.5inx1in and they average 12in long.i usually trim the length and sand down until ive got the right feel for my hand.the shortest handled hammer i have is a 10in,6lb double faced sledge.handles that are longer seem to get in the way,but thats just me.

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Hammer weight =1-3/4 lb.
Hand span = 8 inches
Hand height = 7-1/4 inches
Handle length =15 inches
Handle grip height = 1 -1/4 inches
Handle grip width = 1 inch
Neck height = 7/8 inches
Neck width = 5/8 inches

Those are my 'stats' at the moment. My experiments with handles continue.

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