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Storage heater fire bricks

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as to how suitable the brick would be, most refractory brick is either highly insulative or chemically tough (various oxides), the brick in the storage heater would be optimized for a high thermal mass but it also is likely pretty tough bei9ng designed to last through many thermal cycles thermal shock
without knowing exactly what the brick is made out of it would be hard to be more specific
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If you are just putting them in the tray anything will do. If this is a coal or coke forge that is. I have even used rocks and gravel when I wasn't near a place to get bricks. If you are using them for the firepot then a refractory would work the best because you could make it into whatever shape you need.

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Mate, if you've got a welder (and even if you don't you can rivet), I suggest you build and English style back-blast forge. You don't need bricks, and the tuyere can just be a piece of stainless pipe; you don't need the water cooling. It's basically a square box (ideally 1meter/3 foot on a side), 5" or so deep. The tuyere enters from the back about 3" from the top and much of the box is filled with ashes or whatever you have to hand. Sand would probably work. This type of forge is quite flexible as you can change the size and shape of the fire and firepot at will.

They're designed for coal/coke (I think you are not allowed to forge over coal in this country any more). I've been working on a modified version for charcoal (deeper box) and built from wood (it's easier for me to work, and cheaper).

A good link: Scans - Side Blast Forge

Also if you're interested, contact John B; I know he's built at least 2 of these from scratch and I'm sure he's got some suggestions for simplifications/improvements.

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