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Trying to identify another anvil

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Trying to identify as well as guesstimate a weight on this anvil. It's several states away from me, so I'm depending on the owners daughter for pictures and what I have isn't great. I did get some dimensions though. The rectangular face is 25.5 long and between 5.5-6" wide, 12" from the step to the tip of the horn, and 15.5" from base to top of plate. I'd like an idea on weight so I can come up with a plan on how we might load the darn thing. Its part of an estate and the tractors have already been sold off. I'm sure the collective mind here will have some ideas.






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As for loading look into borrowing/buying a cherry picker engine hoist. (AKA a foldable shop crane)  They fold up to fit in most things that will hold such an anvil and are generally rated for larger weights than that. We used one to move and load the 515# Fisher that's my main shop anvil.  Lots of folks have them but they are used sporadically so borrowing one may not be a problem if you have friends that are mechanics, farmers, blacksmiths...

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