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I Forge Iron

Hello everyone


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I am a recently retired Federal firefighter with a huge interest in knifemaking and metal art. I have been an amateur knifemaker for several years and love to work with my hands. Also enjoy hunting and fishing. I look forward to learning what i can from this site and also look forward to interacting with other enthusiasts.


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Welcome to IFI.
Sounds like you will fit right in the grove.
Here are two special nights that you may want to keep open. There is a bundle of information exchanged.
#1. Tuesday Night LIVE Blueprints
Doors open 8 pm Eastern time USA. show starts 10 pm
#2. Friday Night Live Knife Chat Chat (hint, hint)
starts 10 pm sharp, Eastern time USA
I hope you will enjoy IFI!
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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Hello Rzrbak........welcome to IFI!
There are links on the 'Home' page to help you find your way around this site .
IFI is a great big place with lots of different sections........lots of nice folks........and lots of metalworking information.

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HOWDY from East TEXAS! and welcome to IFI!
Wife and I are origanally from Goldthwaite. I bought my first anvil in Lometa several yrs back. It is a 146# Peter Wright. If you are interested in a Little Giant power hammer you might head up to Goldthwaite and see Robert Womack. There were 2 he had for sale, 1--25# and 1--50#, don't remember what shape they were in. He has a welding shop just south of town on the west side of the road. He also has several anvils for sale but you will have to ask to see them as they are in another building next to his shop.

Kick off your shoes, get a glass of your favorite liquid, and enjoy. There are a lot of excellent smiths here, and they are willing to answer ANY question you have. OH BTW! Don't forget to post PICTURES! We LOVE PICTURES!! Again, welcome.

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