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My 2 x 72 grinder project Ugh!


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I need to take breathers...trying to build out what I have available around here. except the wheels (oregonblademakers)..

Trying to build like a few others I've seen...but I keep messing up on some parts...had to remake the tracking wheel bracket no less than 3 times...

have a few bent welds lol hopefully it won't hinder function

Trying to figure out what motor to use....

Going to try to get it pieced together in a couple hours and provide some pics...

Just getting real frustrated and making more mistakes...


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4 hours ago, the iron dwarf said:

use a steel ruler on edge across the face of each wheel including the wheel that is crowned to check they line up

Be sure and consider that the tracking wheel and drive wheels are probably a little bit wider than the tool arm wheels.  The wheels need not only to be in line but square with the alignment.

Using the traction tread for the tool arm might be effecting the alignment due to all the little bumps.

Let me know if I can help you.


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Hard to tell by the photo but do I see 2 crowned pulleys or just the one on the drive?  Sometimes 2 can end up fighting each other for tracking "authority" and induce some wander.  By the first photo, the belt is to the outside of the drive pulley and to the inside of the upper rear idler...



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Thanks guys!

I used the metal ruler and I ground down the bumps...and I made sure the wheels are aligned....

I got the thing running and the belt stays on!

Going to try it out tomorrow!

I was sooo frustrated....and when it finally worked... I literally teared up. If it wasn't so heavy I would of thrown it a 100 times!

Im my worst enemy on projects....I have a hard time quitting when Im behind...


Thanks again guys...

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Is there a spring inside the square tube that the tracking wheel is mounted on pushing it up?  If not then I'm missing how you're keeping tension on the belt while in use.  Too little belt tension can also contribute to belts wanting to wander or slide off the wheels.

Glad you got it functioning though.  If you're like me the frustration of problems with a build is only surpassed by the satisfaction when it finally works as it's supposed to work.  I guess that's what keeps me tinkering with home built stuff instead of saving up and buying new.


I'm looking forward to see what you make with it.

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I had a hard time locating a good size spring....so I welded 4 bolts onto the bottom of the square tube...then I bought two long smaller springs and cut them in half...then threaded them onto the bolts...so I can keep them inline and slide down the tube without losing control of my springs....I also put one big washer in between all of them (welded to center) to keep them from sliding

I might try for a knife....maybe big kitchen style

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Added another arm...welded and smoothed out a piece of angle iron to another piece of 1 3/4" square tube...

But I think I need to adjust the back plate behind the belt itself...I think its a bit too low and don't want it accidently hitting the wheel... But I need to adjust the back plate, because it blocks the new arm.... 

This has turned out pretty cool, but ALOT more work than I thought it would be... 

And might switch up the spring tracking set up.... I want to make it easier to adjust the belt tightening...



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